It’s Time For Plan B (bitcoin) T

2 dec 2019.

Nog maar 5 maanden te gaan voordat de bitcoin block halving plaats vindt.

Het enige wat PlanB verbaast, is dat de waarde in aanloop naar de halving.

to Flow ) is lower than ln(market price) ~ time, showing that ln(SF) is a.

If 10 years from now black men and women are being dragged out of their cars, thrown on the ground and handcuffed or shot by.

23 dec 2019.

If bitcoin scares you, imagine your portfolio during the next recession.

Model. Het is de cryptoanalist die onder de naam PlanB de meest.

13 feb 2020.

Hij stelde dat de verhouding van instroom van nieuwe bitcoins (flow) tot de huidige voorraad (stock), anders gezegd de schaarste, bepalend is.

Episode 8: PlanBIn January, Sturgeon said there could come a time when the Scottish Government would consider holding a consultative vote on.

1 May 2020.

In this interview, I talk to Bitcoin Quant Analyst & creator of the popular stock to.

Plan B identified a flaw in the model, the overreliance on time.

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