Go Gold For Kids With Cancer

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Going Gold at Texas Children’s Cancer CenterAugust 16, 2017. Go gold in September with Alex's Million Mile. Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children. Every day, there are .

“Go Gold®” is an ACCO awareness/ fundraising program designed to raise awareness of the Gold Ribbon, the international symbol for Childhood Cancer. Go Gold.

OLD boy from Cumbria has raised nearly £250 for a Bournemouth charity having walked 1,500 metres in five days.

Kay McGill is already a Hall of Fame hockey mom.But son, Bob, won’t let Mother’s Day go by without another deserved shout out.

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Gold is the international colour of childhood cancer awareness, with many supporters choosing to wear a gold ribbon during September. We're 'going gold' on.

The Gold Ribbon is the international awareness symbol of Childhood Cancer. The color gold represents how precious children are and the resiliency of childhood.

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