Why Volume From Ticker In Kraken Api Is Always Whole Number

1 Sep 2014.

integer. Rbitcoin processing messages, print to console if verbose > 0, each subfunction.


It can always be.

ticker returns data.table with fields: last, vwap, volume, ask, bid.

The Kraken API is divided into several sections.

ticker(client \ Krakex.

by + , – , or # to signify the price as a relative amount (with the exception of trailing stops, which are always relative).

"lot_multiplier" – amount to multiply lot volume by to get currency volume.

"a" – ask array(price, whole lot volume, lot volume).

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Full public and private HTTP REST APIs for all exchanges are implemented.

(' ccxt') let exchange = new ccxt.kraken () // default id let kraken1 = new ccxt.kraken ({ id: 'kraken1' }).

for prices, amounts (volumes) and costs (where cost = price * amount).

Can we rely on always listing the same crypto with the same symbol?

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The ticker feed returns ticker information about listed products. Only tradeable markets are.

Feed. Event Type. Permissible API Keys. ticker. subscribe / unsubscribe. N/A.

volume, positive float. The sum of the sizes of.

positive integer, The time until next funding rate in milliseconds.

event, string, Always error. message.

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